I have 40 plus years of experience in professionally playing and teaching music, and I offer fun and useful music instruction.
Private Lessons:
Improvisation for all wind instruments (and most others)
Saxophone, clarinet, and flute lessons
Group Workshops:
Weekday Morning Workshops 10am - 11:20am
Alto Sax Workshop: Ferling 48 Famous Studies (the All-State music) group of 4 weekly sessions, by audition
Weekly and daily workshops, 3 and more horns, by appointment and agreement
Improvisation has been described as "pulling melodies out of thin air".  It sounds mysterious, but anyone can do it.  Improvising is a natural way to make music, and I have successfully taught it for years.
I teach improvisation by taking the student "inside" melody.  We will find what American icon Miles Davis called the "pretty notes".  We will learn how to play with what jazz great Hal Galper calls "forward motion": knowing melodically where we are going and how we get there.
This can be done with a lot of playing, largely by ear, supplemented by a bit of music reading.  In the process we gain knowledge of music theory and an appreciation of the beauty of all music.
For those who want to read music and study music theory - of course I teach that too, and highly recommend it.  I have read music since age 4, and have taught music reading and music theory for most of my life.
During June, July, and August I will hold weekday 80 minute workshops starting at 10:00am, similar to band sectionals (but more fun!) Space is limited. They are open to all melody instruments and most ability levels (the Concert Bb Major Scale is needed.)
The aim is to learn, by playing, mostly by ear:
Sound quality and tuning
Section playing
Some scales
How melody moves forward
Chord harmony
Some good, well-known blues, soul, and jazz tunes
Some popular song forms
How to play a solo.
I also can work with middle school and high school band students and their class assignments.  Many of my band students have made District, Region, Area, and All-State Bands.  A band student of mine who practices regularly can make an easy "A" and thrive in band.
I have loved music all my life.  I want my students to find the music within themselves, and I always work to help them bring the music out.
Private instruction $55 per hour
80 Minute Group Workshops $25 each, $75 for 4 a week
Red Leaf School of Music | 4800 South First Street, Austin, TX 78745 | 512-444-GROW | grow@redleafschoolofmusic.com