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I love to help people love to make music!

Professional info


Annabeth Novitzki moved to Austin after completing her Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance at the University of Memphis. A native Memphian, she decided to pursue her graduate studies after a 7-year career as the Director of Music and Art at First Congregational Church of Memphis. During that time she also enjoyed teaching private music lessons to people from 6 to 70 years old, teaching voice, piano, guitar, percussion, music theory, solfege, and eurhythmics.
Annabeth did her undergraduate studies in Pittsburgh at Carnegie Mellon University, where she received an Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music. Aside from her formal education, Annabeth has been in various folk bands. 
In her free time, Annabeth loves getting to know Austin better, gardening, comedy, salsa dancing, drawing, thrift shopping, cycling, and taking her dog hiking around Barton Springs.

Teaching Style


Annabeth teaches to students of a wide variety of ages and ability levels. She strives to set a positive tone in lessons and believe music education should match the demands of each musician's passion. It is not her style to be a taskmaster; she teaches with inspiration and comprehension, not apprehension. A student's music education should be incredibly enjoyable and rewarding.
Because of her commitment to the joy of music and her experimental style, she tends to teach in a way that is uniquely interactive, encouraging the student to be her cohort in their education. She has taught private music lessons since 2004, from ages 6 to 85. She has also taught beginner guitar, drums, djembe, ukulele, handbells, and autoharp.
She teaches all levels and genres of voice: pop, folk, R&B, and classical/operatic technique, and singing while playing an instrument. She spent 7 years as a choir director and taught Music Appreciation at a university. She can teach people who have never sung before all the way to very advanced singers and opera singers.
Having played piano since kindergarten, she also teaches beginner and intermediate piano. She values the importance of enjoyment and variety as much as learning music theory and technique. She thinks it's as important for a student to know why they got it right as it is to get it right, but she also thinks there are times a song can be learned by rote and played just for the fun of it. 





Music Theory



2010 - present

2010 - present