Chad Kimball


Professional Info


Chad Kimball grew up as a military child living overseas before settling in Texas and learning to play drums while in high school. His upbringing exposed him to many cultures and hence many music styles. He credits this exposure to cultivating his love for various styles and approaches to playing music and the drum set. 

Chad Kimball graduated from Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA in 2005 with a degree in music performance. While there he was fortunate enough to study under Rob Carson (2 time world snare drum champion), Chuck Flores (played with Woody Herman, Shelly Manne, Maynard Ferguson), Glen Sobel (with Alice Cooper), Chuck Silverman (brought Latin music to the states and applied the rhythms to the drum set for the first time), and many more. He worked hard and graduated with 32 other students out of a starting class of 250+. Chad credits this time to making him a professional musician and an expert at getting the most out of practice.

Chad spent the following years as a working musician playing mostly locally in the Houston area with Winter Wallace, Holy Fiction, and If the War Should End. He also played in top 40 bands and Jazz bands performing for weddings and private parties, spent time tracking in the studio, and worked Sundays playing at churches. 

He started teaching around the same time and found he had a knack for it and derived a great deal of joy from watching his students learn and grow into their musical abilities. He has been teaching ever since, 12+ years now. He divides his work between his two great loves, teaching drums – and making shoes.






2010 - present

Teaching Style


Chad believes no two students are alike, and while every student needs to learn some of the same things in order to progress, it shouldn’t be at the cost of the student’s own creativity, thought process, interests and genius. Chad believes everyone can learn to play the drums and has natural rhythm on the inside of them. It’s his goal to bring out the best in each of his students and to cultivate a love for music and the instrument before committing them to any sort of rigorous practice routine or even sight reading. Whether you’re ready to learn, or ready to learn to be a professional, Chad can guide you there. You’ll learn the fulfillment, energy and confidence that comes from playing the drums. 

2010 - present