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About Us

Red Leaf School of Music understands that just like every leaf on a tree falls differently, each student learns differently. We will meet each new student with a clean slate and curiosity about what is right for them. No two courses of study will be the same. We want your music lessons to be among your favorite activities each week. Your lessons will always involve some aspects of ease, and some that are challenging. Most of all, we will bring love and enthusiasm for music. More than anything else, we would like to see your own passion for the instrument grow. There is no better motivator!


We offer lessons in acoustic and electric guitar, bass, voice, piano, drum/percussion, and harmonica — all for children and adults. Youth, teen, and adult groups also available! All levels, and most styles. We'll design a course of study that's just right for you. We can build a broad foundation of skills, or just learn your favorite songs. 

Our Philosophy
The School

"Tex-Zen," a phrase uses to describe the the school's approach to teaching, combines the tranquil environment of the Red Leaf facilities and the one-style-does-not-fit-all teaching strategy.


The school, located at 4800 S. First St., boasts earth-toned walls, candles, vintage amplifiers and an antique church pew in its waiting room.


The school's name was taken from Japanese philosopher Miyamato Musashi, who wrote Book of Five Rings in the 17th Century, which idealizes each student as a individual and unique leaf off a tree.


But the school isn't just paying lip service to ancient ideals, we strive to teach each student independently and to keep preconceived notions of teaching methods at bay.


We strive to maximize the student experience. Each student's curriculum is individualized to his or her own needs.  


Red Leaf is also focused on linking students together so that they can learn from each other. Students are often grouped together by their teachers, forming a band to demonstrate a cooperative spirit. Teachers will often sit in on lessons with other teachers, and the entire staff constantly betters one another.