Megan Flechaus



Professional info


Megan is a multi-award winning singer-songwriter with influences ranging from jazz and blues to folk and country. With over 13 years of experience writing, performing, and recording original music, as well as 4 years of national touring, she has developed a voice and style of her own. Her song, Moon Mansion off an early EP appeared in the indie-film, King’s Faith, filmed in her home city of Rochester, NY. She released her first full length album, New, in October 2014. 


In 2016, she moved to Austin where she formed the band FlecHaus. FlecHaus has released 7 singles and an EP which they toured on, nationally, in the summer of 2019. Their single, Beautiful Things, off the EP, Last Match, won the Vox Pop Award for Best Adult Contemporary Song in the 2019 Independent Music Awards. The band also won Best Group Single and Fan Favorite in the 2017 LA Music Critic Awards for their single, What We’ve Got. Megan was named Rockwired Magazine’s Artist of the Month in June 2017.


Megan is always trying to improve her singing and wants to help you improve yours as well. Megan believes singing and songwriting is a natural human skill that everyone has the potential to cultivate. She also believes that it’s just plain fun to do and wants to make sure everyone finds freedom and joy in the fun of singing and writing music.



Voice, Songwriting, Beginner Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele

2010 - present

Teaching Style


Megan believes that singing is a natural human skill that everyone has the potential to cultivate. The greatest barriers to singing are fear, tension, and preconceived notions of how we should sing. Through teaching, her goal is to help students break down those barriers, and find their voice in a supportive and creative environment.


With the understanding that developing the voice is a lifelong journey, Megan will help you to assess your specific set of strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Together,  you will then create an individualized roadmap to reach those goals, balancing technical exercises with songs that excite and challenge you.

may want a sounding-board for new material before putting it on the stage. Coaching sessions can last anywhere from 30-minutes to an hour depending on the needs of the student.



2010 - present