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Paul Lidel was voted "Best Guitarist In Austin Tx" in the Edge Magazine 2003 readers poll, and his band "Dangerous Toys" has sold over one million albums worldwide. He is the author of several instructional books and videos including "The Pro Guitarists Handbook" and "Beginning Rock" which became the #1 best selling guitar instruction DVD on


In 1984, Paul began playing keyboards in bands, and since then he has become an in demand

keyboardist for both live performances and studio sessions.


In addition to guitar and keyboards, Paul has been a vocalist on 12 albums and countless live performances. His experience as the lead vocalist in both original and cover bands has allowed him to sing in many different styles including classic rock, hard rock, pop, alternative, blues, folk and country.

Teaching Style


Paul has over 25 years of teaching experience and has taught at the University of Texas, and the National Guitar Workshop. Over the years he has developed a unique way simplify even complex musical concepts and to help his students reach their goals.


  • For Guitar, Paul teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, in a variety of styles including rock, metal, alternative, blues, folk, finger picking, and classical.  

  • For Piano/Keyboards, Paul teaches a widevariety of styles including rock, blues, pop and country.

  • For Voice, Paul will help you to sing with confidence, by teaching you how to develop voice control, how to improve your range and tone, and how to sing without straining by using proper singing technique.


Known for his easy going attitude, Paul is great with beginners and has experience teaching children as young as 6.


" I believe that most fun way to learn to play, is by learning songs that you like. My goal is to make learning fun for for my students, and help them become the player they would like to be." 










2010 - present

2010 - present