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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch with other students?

Upon initial course scheduling, each student will be given access to the Red Leaf Student Pages tab.  Each student is listed, along with personal notes, and links to contact them.  If desired, the students can have a group page created to aid in collaborating.


What do I do if I'm late to my appointment?

When scheduling an appointment through our website, you will receive a confirmation email from "vCiti" as well as reminder notifications as the date nears.  You can reply to these messages to reschedule or notify the instructor and Red Leaf of your delay.  Your instructor will work with you to find a workable new time.

Can I pay in person?

Scheduling through the website ensures room availability and ensures a completed transaction.  You can skip this by selecting the "Pay in Person" button on the payment page in the vCiti application.

How do I start a Skype conversation with my instructor?

On the appointment email notification and reminders you receive from the "vCiti" application you will find a Skype icon if the instructor allows for this type of communication - select this to start the Skype call to the scheduled instructor.

How will homework and other instructional materials be provided?

Upon initial course scheduling, each student will be provided a password to a secured student page.  On this page the student can communicate with their instructors, instructors can leave documents, videos, and sound recordings.  This page will remain available to the student so the information can always be retreivable. 

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