Teach In Harmony


We teach students of any level, ages to 8 to 108.  Our students become life-long students

of Red Leaf, returning for courses as their skills progress and mature.


Our Teachers offer instruction in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern. Styles include rock, pop, blues, folk, funk, country, jazz, and more. If you don't see your style here, call and we'll try to help you find a teacher that suits you.


You can’t lose — schedule today and start your next musical adventure!


The Future Sounds Good


Austin was built on music, and if we have anything to do with it it will continue to be this way.  


We offer a wide variety of personal instruction, taught by acclaimed Austin musicians.  

Our groups are the best in Austin – for kids, teens, and adults – a fun and productive way to learn your instrument and play in a band.


Red Leaf will pave the way for you and your family to reach their goals and discover their inner musical beauty.


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Secured Student Pages


Once a course has been scheduled, a secured Student Page will be created for the student and the selected instructor.  These permission-based pages archive course progress and serve as a communication aid to the student's instrument course work.  

Red Leaf Store


Forgot something at home?  Don't "fret", we may have what you need for your lesson up here at the Red Leaf Store.


We don't have it all, but our lobby features a multi-purposed vending machine that stocks all you basic playin' comforts.


Katherine R. Domont

Feb. 28, 2015

"What a great local place to learn music ... Laid back and learning at your own pace ... Learn how and what you want to l...earn! I've taken lessons there for 5 years my daughter was in the youth rock group there for 4 years - can't say enough good things about the programs at this small school"

Kathryn Gosnell

"I came to Larisa to improve my singing and to help coach me along as a professional singer and songwriter. Larisa's teaching and guidance has been so effective. I'm already noticing improvement in my techinque from the exercises she's given me. The exercises are not just the standard "my teacher made me do it so I'm giving it to you" fare -- Larisa has been through it, and you can tell she is teaching what has really worked for her. That kind of confidence, experience, and wisdom is exactly what I believe makes a great teacher. She is really inspiring. To listen to her sing and watch her perform, I can see she really knows her craft."


Dec. 12, 2013

 "I wanted to get the word out about Red Leaf School of Music and Geno Stroia. This place is very cool, very clean, very organized and not at all a typical hole in the wall "school of music." What sold me on it were the guitar strings in the vending machine next to healthy snacks!!

I look forward to teaching and hosting masterclasses here some day."


Apr. 17, 2013

"I wanted to thank you for teaching me how to play the guitar, but more importantly, for teaching me how to understand and relate to the music I'm playing."

Marita Kelter

"I had the fortune of spontaneously having a voice lesson last year while visiting my daughter in Austin who is a student of Larisa's. Now it has become a priority and anticipatory part of each trip.
 Larisa is a very creative teacher: she easily identifies one's vocal challenges, has a large repertoire of solutions; challenges yet is very supportive and affirming. She shares her knowledge in a very easy-going yet dynamic way. We have also worked a variety of musical styles. She has helped kick start my own vocal instruction business I have here in Wisconsin. Can hardly wait for my next visit to Austin! "

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