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          photos by Jessica Turnbow 



Red Leaf Gift Certificates 

We have gift certificates available! They are available for individual and package lessons as well as group and camp lessons. We can customize any gift certificate to fit your lesson needs. These are great for any occasion! To order a gift certificate you can either call or email us and we will get you all set up.


Spencer Wrote: 
"I wanted to get the word out about Red Leaf School of Music and Geno Stroia. This place is very, very clean, very organized and not at all a typical hole in the wall "school of music." What sold me on it were the guitar strings in the vending machine next to healthy snacks!!

I look forward to teaching and hosting masterclasses here some day."

What Parents Said About Our Summer Camp 

 "My kids loved it!"

"She seemed to be very much involved, that was nice."

"This was our first experience with Red Leaf and we were very pleased."

"Great learning experience! He enjoyed trying new instruments and writing songs."

"Please tell his teacher thank you so much from me~ my son really liked him and really enjoyed camp so much so that he is back to playing his guitar every day and learning new things ~ he had lost that desire/motivation for a while and it makes me so happy to see him and hear him playing again. You guys rock ;)"

A message from a former student!! 

First off, I'd like to say thank you. I had to create a music composition for one of my classes this week having to do with the theme of 'passion'. My mind immediately jumped to the genre of Blues, specifically the Delta Blues. They have become lifelong influences of mine, and while I might not be the best blues guitarist when it comes to that style, I tried my best to emulate Johnson's 'Come on in My Kitchen' and make it my own for this project. I started thinking about where this love for the Delta Blues came from, and eventually I remembered you sitting me down and introducing me to Robert Johnson. I didn't know it at the time, but you planted the seed that grew into an obsession with the Delta Blues, which is the only style (in my mind) that can completely capture the passion and essence of the human condition.

Long story short, I wanted to thank you for teaching me how to play the guitar, but more importantly, for teaching me how to understand and relate to the music I'm playing.

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