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Career Opportunities

Tenant Teacher Program

    Need space to teach in? Tired of teaching from your home? Join Red Leaf School of Music as a Tenant Teacher and work your own hours in a professional teaching environment that is maintenance free.

       Red Leaf’s Tenant Teacher Program enables you to manage your own teaching business.  With high quality marketing and business support, led by long-time Austin music professionals, you will be under the Red Leaf umbrella.

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       The Tenant Teacher Program also provides fully furnished and equipped rooms, a website presence, and everything else you need to start your turn-key teaching business. We have great parking, a comfortable waiting room and restroom, fiber wireless internet, water-coffee-tea, all ready to use 24/7!

All-Inclusive Monthly Rate

       The program's monthly rate is $300.00. When you join our team, you'll receive all the benefits of the Tenant Teacher Program, such as fully equipped rooms ready for you and your students, a section on this website with your teaching bio, high-speed fiber internet, and the support of Red Leaf's Staff as needed. Red Leaf does not charge for referrals or take a percentage of teaching fees!


       For an interview, please call Red Leaf at 512-444-4769, email, or click the button below and fill out the Contact Red Leaf form.

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