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Rehearsal Space

Room 4

       Red Leaf also offers a fully equipped and furnished rehearsal space for you and your band to practice in. Room 4 is available to rent either as needed or on a regular recurring basis. Renting Room 4 offers access to Red Leaf's facilities including the fully equipped rehearsal room ready for most band's needs, fiber wireless internet, mini-fridge, vending machine with snacks and drinks, and restroom.

Available Equipment Includes:

  • Drums: Gretsch Catalina Club 

  • Drums: Sonor Force 3003

  • Vintage Acoustic Upright Piano

  • 16-Channel Digital Mixing Console

  • Mains: 2x Powered Mackie SRM 450 Speakers

  • Bass Head: GK 400 RB w/ 2x 15" Fender Cabinet

  • Guitar: Fender Blackface Super Reverb

  • Guitar: Fender Tweed DeVille 

  • 5x Vocal Microphones

  • 2x Floor Monitors

  • Guitar Stands

       For booking, please call Red Leaf at 512-444-4769, email, or click the button below and fill out the Contact Red Leaf form.

       The rate for Room 4 is $75.00 for half a day, and $150.00 for a full day (based on availability). The room is also available to rent out on a recurring basis if desired. Ample time will be provided to both set up and take down any equipment needed.

Room 4 Terms

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