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About Red Leaf

       Red Leaf School of Music was founded April 1, 2007 in the heart of South Austin. Our experienced instructors strive to meet each student with a clean slate, focusing on their current skill set and how to expand it. No two courses of study are the same. We offer personalized lessons in Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass, Voice, Piano, Drums/Percussion, Violin, Music Theory, and more — for children and adults. We welcome all skill levels and teach many styles, including but not limited to rock n' roll, blues, country, jazz, funk, metal, and classical. Your instructor will design a lesson plan that's right for you, building a broad foundation of skills, or just learning your favorite songs.

       We like to individualize each student's curriculum to their own needs and motivations, yet ensure a strong foundation built upon the fundamentals of each instrument. At Red Leaf, we want your music lessons to be among your favorite activities each week. Your lessons will be challenging but also have aspects of ease. Our goal is to foster an appreciation and enthusiasm for music. More than anything else, we want to see your passion and skill for your instrument grow.

What students have to say about Red Leaf:  

"I want to thank Red Leaf for teaching me how to play the guitar, but more importantly, for teaching me how to understand and relate to the music I'm playing."

- Patrick

"Red Leaf School of Music is very cool, very clean, very organized and not at all a typical hole in the wall ’school of music’."

- Spencer

"I took lessons from Red Leaf for years until I left the Austin area. The laid-back environment made learning guitar approachable, fun, and stress-free."

- Robert

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